Fine Decor for Your Living Room

If you want to make your sitting room, living room, or family room look more stylish and full of luxurious decor, consider the following tips and advice on how to make your space trendy, upscale, and inviting.

Art and Sculpture

Nothing sets a room a part quite like one that displays great art and sculptures. Add art to your living room to let people know what your tastes are, what you find interesting, and what you value. Art on the walls or sculptures on the coffee table serve as great conversation pieces. They also help a room to look more luxurious and styled.

Pick a major painting to be the focal point of one large wall. Let the colors in the painting help you pick out the colors of candles, pillows, or vases in the living room. Or simply let the painting be all of the color in the room and have a more muted furniture pallet.

Definitive Sitting Areas

Something that makes a living room or sitting room look instantly more luxurious is a definitive sitting area. This means that the furniture is all in its place and nothing looks scattered or like it doesn’t belong. Set up the couches or chairs around the coffee table. Place side end tables at either end of the couch. Let a guest or visitor feel that instant intrigue of the well placed furniture by putting ottomans and decorative chairs in their proper place.

Something Living

Putting a small plant, a vase full of flowers, or a bowl of fruit on a coffee table or side end table gives a living room some life and color. Place a a lovely table top vase full of flowers or a large floor vase full of plants in the corners of the room, on top of the mantle, or on a bookshelf. Fresh flowers give a room a luxurious and minimalistic elegance. Green plants come add a small touch of color to a more muted color pallet in the room.

Warm and Contrasting Colors

Whether it’s the paint on the walls, the color of the couches, or the small pops of color from pillows and decorative items, make sure that the color scheme in your living room is warm and inviting. Also be sure that the colors contrast in the right way and compliment each other. Pair gold, black, and cream together with pops of red. Let gray and white walls be spruced up with lime green chairs.